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At present, the good data standard is being incorporated into the core management and control process of laboratory and as a result, the management, application and updating of various inspection rules, inspection methods and standards have become one of the most pressing demands. The application of integrated data standard specification management scheme can address the above problem, effectively improve control and quality in the inspection and management process and establish unified, standard and unique data standard to conquer such difficulties as information interaction, integration, statistics and decisions.

Product Overview

The Good Data Standard Platform is a core standard component of SunwayWorld Inspection and Testing Integrated Platform solution (6P + Mobile). Through this platform, the standardization system of inspection and testing data can be constructed, the interaction and sharing of basic standard of data specification can be set up, and the effective management on standard data can be realized. All of the above have paved the way for the enhancement of informatization construction performance, the improvement of business data quality and the high-end decision-making of the enterprises.

Good data standard management is mainly used to define the core data required in the process of informatization, including: national standards, local standards, national pharmacopoeia, inspection standards, inspection methods, ELN template standard library, infrared spectrum library and so on. The Good Data Standard Platform provides a comprehensive information base for deciding and establishing a single, accurate, and authoritative source of truth. The most important aspect of the good data standard platform is the establishment of a unified platform for the uniqueness, integrity, and sharing of data.

Good data standard platform in the Inspection and Testing Management Platform is a comprehensive strategy, covering all core data and standards to be uniformly defined and required to realize continuous standard updating and version control.