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Product Overview

The Customer Service and Support is a core standard component in the SunwayWorld’s Inspection and Testing Integrated Platform solution and also a comprehensive solution for third-party inspection and testing.

Nowadays laboratory data has become the focus of strict laboratory specification requirement management. The inspection and testing integrated platform immaculately achieves strict management and centralized management and control of internal data of laboratory. Therefore all resources including laboratory personnel, instruments, materials, methods and environment have been encouraged to use the solution, while the Customer Service and Support has extended management beyond the range of laboratory and become a solution for third-party commission inspection of laboratory.

Through entrusted management, sample management, test report management, financial management, equipment management, personnel management, inquiry statistics, statistical statement and other models, the system constructs a comprehensive and standard test agency management system, achieving standardization of test operation process and integration of resources, ensuring scientific, impartial and reliable test results. Through this system, management personnel can monitor and manage laboratory business conveniently so as to strengthen quality monitoring, improve quality management methods, mining the potential value of analytical data, standardize internal management of laboratory, further enhance management work, and therefore achieve the final goal of improving customer service level.

Product Characteristics
  • Homepage

    As the window for information interaction, the portal homepage achieves real-time information interaction and dynamic communication between customers and inspection and testing units. The homepage is mainly design with such models as news, announcement, FAQ, inspection cases, certificates downloading, user login, appointment schedule inquiry and links.

  • Customer archives management

    Customer archives management is an important basic function of the customer service platform to realize unified management of archives of various customers and integration with LIMS system.
    Moreover, online application by individual users and enterprise, archives registration, archives maintenance, online examination and approval, full lifecycle management of customers' archives can all be achieved. 

  • Appointment management

    Online 7*24h convenient and rapid appointment management is available, including online appointment registration of users, registration inquiry, acceptance, and online real-time tracking of reservation progress. The laboratory accepts customers' appointments online and then transfer the appointments to the laboratory's management process for sampling, sample presentation, sample reception, test and approval. 

  • Testing report

    After the test report is completed, customers will be reminded in real time for checking and downloading.

  • Evaluation system

    The system will collect and make statistics of customers' evaluation for appointment and summarize customers' comments for monitoring and work improvement by the decision-making level.

  • Mobile application

    The mobile application solution provides real-time push reminders, appointment and schedule inquiry at the mobile phone end to facilitate users' check on schedule at any time.