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Product Overview

Data Acquisition and Monitoring Service Platform is an important basic component in the inspection and testing integrated platform solution (6P + Mobile) of Beijing SunwayWorld Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Through the platform, the inspection and testing business can be integrated and connected with external instruments, equipment and field inspection instruments, and online monitoring and video monitoring of large inspection equipment can also be achieved.

Product Characteristics
  • The integration interface of many instruments is conducive to integration.

    The data acquisition and monitoring service platform provides nearly one hundred kinds of instrument interfacing cases, including large instruments, physics-optical instruments, element analysis instruments, electrochemical analysis instruments and biochemical/molecular organism instruments, etc., thus rendering rich application cases and integration experience.

  • Powerful configurator function

    The data acquisition and monitoring service platform is designed with powerful instrument connection adapter to customize interface type including such means as document reading and WebServices. Moreover, template settings of document reading contents of customized format are also available. The built-in instrument data repository fulfills completely configurable interface integration definition, avoiding the complexity of customized interface development and rendering great adaptability and flexibility. 

  • Automatic recording of instrument interface version

    In general, the original instrument interface is out of service due to such causes as program upgrading and hardware optimization. However, through the data acquisition service platform, online adjustment of instrument interface can be completed, customized updating of interface document and interface service finished through the adapter and historical information of interface data version recorded automatically.

  • User-defined configuration platform is easy for management

    The data acquisition and service platform render user-defined development and configuration engine to realize automatic configuration and calling of instrument interface. As a result, fully visual configuration tool contributes to automatic interface development. Moreover, the data acquisition and change function of the instrument can be easily realized only by the business personnel's definition and modification.