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The Mobile Application Platform is an inevitable outcome of the era of cloud computing, which will give new life and vitality to enterprise informatization. The most totemic feature beyond the ever-increasing service performance of the cloud is the wonderful performance on the client. The era of simply using PCs to process information systems will gone forever. Mobile applications represented by mobile phones and tablet media will bring revolutionary change to enterprise informatization.

Product Overview

The Mobile Application Platform (mobile phone + tablet PC) is a large-scale solution integrating message application, field application, management application and self-service application. It can meet all the needs of diversified positions in different enterprises.
The Mobile Application Platform is the helping hand of enterprise information construction and is a three-dimensional solution. It encourages the perfection, expansion and extension of enterprise information application scenarios, which will bring about innovation and transformation of enterprise information-based business model.

Mobile phone application (APP)
Tablet PC application (HD)