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Product Overview

The Scientific Research Management Platform can integrate the scientific research project management and scientific research process management of the research institutes into the system for management, so that the policymakers can efficiently query the scientific research progress in the system, refine the research objectives and performance management, and compile annual targets in the system on a yearly basis. In addition, the policymakers are able to carry out annual target review and approval process in the scientific research management information system. The annual target plan can be set and the project master plan can be prepared when the project is established. With the advancement of the plan, the task plan will be refined according to the master project plan. During the execution of the task plan, the project can be summarized on the annually, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, and weekly basis. It allows policymakers to control the progress of the project in real time, timely identify problems and bottlenecks in project execution, timely adjust and correct deviations to ensure project quality.

Product Characteristics
  • Project management

    Starting from approval of research and development project, the system carries out all-round management of the whole project, including electronization for related technical documents of the project, process control and project review of project node, as well as test records such as formula, technology, and performance evaluation and collection and summarization of related technical literature. The record about the whole process of the project such as basic information, proposal, project approval report, test information, and pilot production information of the project is managed. Different kinds of projects can be classified as per the difference in scientific research purpose and development product category, and different projects are allowed to have different audit processes. Project management covers project plan management, project progress management, project process management, project cost management, project change management, and project achievement management, and all the information on the project can be queried or tracked according to scientific research task. 

  • Main functions of R&D process management

    The scientific research management system can realize the management for various scientific research processes, such as technical study and quality study process management and carry out corresponding quality research in line with different stages of technical study. Technical study stages cover small-scale test stage, enlargement stage, pilot-scale test stage and verification and production stage. The system can realize quality standard management and lifecycle management of quality standard from drafting of quality standard to publication of quality standard.