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Product Overview

Data standardization process of an enterprise requires the infrastructure of  standard execution specification (data standard) of assorted data at the enterprise level to standardize data feature composition, constraint inspection rules and coding rules, as well as the formulation, publication, review and revise of data standard according to standard management process (data standard management method). The data standardization execution specification is a top priority of data standardization, which acts on all aspects of the standardization process.

Product Functional Framework

As the core standard component of SunwayWorld's information standardization and management integration platform (6P+2E+Mobile) considering data template, data structure from modularization and functionalization, Data standard management platform (DSMP) provides comprehensive managements to the enterprise data execution standard, as well as definition and management of data coding and data constraint.The functions thereof include data model definition, data model template definition, data template standard definition, data template element attribute definition, data template constraint rule definition, data encoding rule definition, data model publication and data model maintenance, etc; it supports master data model, master data property setting and master data model extension; it supports the establishment of data standard hierarchical relation, matrix relation and classification relation.