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Product Overview

The direct value that data standardization brings to business is that high quality and high credible data acting on business process and system interaction, which will finally realize decision analysis support. As a combination of technology and theory, the standardization management of data requires the elaboration and decomposition of data’s complete life-cycle into application, submission, review, release, maintenance and archiving and the professional and standardized management of data of assorted stages. To provide quality data for enterprises through data life-cycle management stands out in enterprise data standardization management.

Product Functional Framework

Data life-cycle management platform (DLMP) , providing high quality and reliable data for business, is the core standard component of SunwayWorld's information standardization management integration platform (6P+2E+Mobile), which realizes the comprehensive management of data life-cycle and provides functions catering for every requirements of data management from technology to business such as data standard template application, complete and accurate intelligent verification and similarity detection, smart reminder of data audit, flexible audit process configuration, flexible data composition element privilege configuration, intelligent data release, easy data maintenance modification, convenient data filing, data version control according to various kinds of data standardization execution specifications generated in line with the data standardization management platform configuration.