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Product Overview

Data exchange service platform is an important component and the most basic connection center of SunwayWorld's information standardization management integrated platform solution (6P+2E+Mobile). It is essential for multiple heterogeneous systems to carry out "information integration, up and down connection". Meanwhile, it can eliminate the technical differences among different applications, realizing coordinated operation of multiple application servers and automatic communication and information integration of different services.

Product Functional Framework

The data exchange service platform, consisting of data exchange bus, data exchange configuration platform and data exchange business function, adopts event driven processing mode and distributed operation management mechanism. It supports content-based routing and filtering, and has complex data transmission abilities of structured data, semi-structured data, unstructured data. It realizes multiple ways of data receiving and distributing such as underlying data, text, XML and file. Due to automatic data configuration service management, the delivery of data can be multiple such as synchronization and asynchrony, active and passive, and assorted standard interface services are automatic. Backstage data queue service provided by the platform also makes big data transmission possible.