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Product Overview

Historical data cleaning of the data stored by the enterprise in various business systems according to the established data standards, is an inevitable stage in the process of data standardization for high quality data standard library construction.  As a non-project construction work of the enterprise, data standardization requires  normal data standardization management mode. Therefore, enterprises need to fully realize that data cleaning is vital to ensure the enterprise's high quality data standard library, and data governance possesses complexity, professionality, technicality, long-term characteristic and persistency.
Data governance is critical to ensuring the accuracy, the moderate sharing and the protection of data. An effective data governance plan will return values to the business and ultimately increases revenue and profits by improving decisions, cutting costs, reducing risks and promoting safety compliance.

Product Functional Framework

Data cleaning platform (DCP) is the core standard component of SunwayWorld's information standardization and management integration platform (6P+2E+Mobile). The data cleaning platform can establish the open data cleaning function based on the many-to-many relation data mode, and supports the extraction, word segmentation, semantic recognition, cleaning and integration of raw data so as to build a master data information library of different subject models. The platform interface operations friendly, which enables a quick start of enterprise managers to control the extraction, cleaning and realignment of existing data, including the transformation of mapping relations and the storage of comparison relations. Thus, high efficiency human intervention and data validation can be achieved, which greatly improves the systematic and intelligent support for the data cleaning of the enterprise, and reduces the operational complexity of data cleaning, and improves data quality.

Product Characteristics