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Product Overview

The independent check rule engine (CRE), separating the check rule logics of data from the technologies of application developers, can effectively escalate the maintainability of the check rules that realize complex logics, and comply with various organizations use of agile or iterative setting check rule processes, and support the order and conflict checking of check rules, the rule realization of simple scripting languages and the embedded development of common development languages. 

Data check is applicable on data's full life-cycle platform, data exchange platform, data cleaning platform, data quality platform and external data sources. Meanwhile, it provides development services to provide other systems with data check services.

Product Characteristics
  • Efficient

    Improve the efficiency of check rule setting.    Satisfy the needs of the ever-changing business rules.

  • Update

    Quick response, subject to the changes of business rule, of data check rule with low update costs. 

  • Comprehensive

    Tailor to the fast changing needs of business rule.

  • Convenient

    Business staff can directly manage the check rules in the IT system without the involvement of program developers.