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Product description

The product adopts microservice architecture overall. The service registration discovery center receives service registrations, through which the data management center discovers center consumption services. The engine service center provides coding rules, check rules, work flow, full text retrieval, big data analysis and other services; data is stored into the relational database, and the logs generated by the management center are recorded into the document database; the cache server offers accelerated data processing, and the file server is exclusive to specialized attachment management. Engine layer, associating business support platform with data analysis platform, encapsulates data and compute-intensive tasks independently for acceleration.

Product Characteristics
  • Rule engine

    handle rule checking in batch import and audit

  • Transformation engine

    complete batch modifications and transformations of data that meet specific conditions

  • Cleaning engine

    execute the cleaning of the collected data

  • Work flow engine

    manage the work flow of application, checking, auditing and releasing

  • Search engine

    realize advanced search functions such as fuzzy search and cross-domain search

  • On-line analysis engine

    fulfil data analysis tasks with fairly strong real-time requirements

  • Off-line analysis engine

    pursue the analysis task with high computational complexity but low timeliness

  • Big data analysis engine

    analyze and process semi-structured and unstructured information

  • Spatiotemporal analysis engine

    search, count and analyze data containing geographic information

  • User behavior analysis engine

    evaluate the effectiveness of the master data platform service through users' actual behavior