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Platform Overview

SunwayWorld's supply chain management solution is developed to realize enterprise value-oriented supply chain operation and management, supports supply chain strategies improving enterprise value, whole-process services covering e-commerce-based supply chain management business consulting, process design and optimization and system development/customization and also provides real-time and predictable data and intelligent and strategic decision analysis. Owing to the above advantages, such a solution is applicable to various fields, including energy, coal, power, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical engineering, engineering construction, metallurgy and machinery manufacturing. 

The supply chain management solution has become a software product suitable for enterprises with different features, supports multi-level management system model and management system restructuring and reform requirements, supports adjustment of enterprise's operating mechanism and process optimization and management requirements, supports expansion and extension of the procurement supply chain business and also supports the close integration with enterprise's master data management system (MDM),  enterprise resource planning system (ERP), enterprise asset management system (EAM), manufacture management system (MES) and financial management system (FMS). 

Product Application

The e-commerce supply chain management platform can help enterprises to maintain real-time operation in the online procurement supply chain management field, and mastery of business status covering demand plan submission and report, comprehensive assessment on plan, review of procurement plan, batch delivery, procurement scheme, request for quotation, procurement by invitation to bid, online transaction, contract signing, expediting and manufacturing monitoring, quality inspection, acceptance and warehousing, inventory management, delivery and distribution, financial settlement and capital payment. As a result, the platform speeds up enterprises' response speed and improves enterprises' core competitiveness. 

The e-commerce supply chain management platform supports the procurement e-commerce with suppliers, supplier's inventory management and strategic alliance management, effectively improves enterprises' inventory structure and increases enterprises' performance. 

The e-commerce supply chain management platform is designed with the multi-layer B/S architecture developed by JAVA with sound scalability and openness. The platform contributes to easy realization of online collaborative office, supports active SMS notification, assists enterprises to establish an efficient, coordinated and integrated business operation and personal affair platform.

The e-commerce supply chain management solution provides comprehensive and innovative system plan to bring in for enterprises the ability of discovering, constructing, implementing and managing the operation of supply chain and can help users to gain leading edges for enterprises. 

Product Classification
Functional architecture

Overall Functional Architecture of Purchasing Supply Chain Management System

The function of SunwayWorld's procurement supply chain management system mainly includes: plan management, contract management, logistics management, storage management, financial settlement and statistical analysis, etc. 
Plan management: it mainly includes demand plan, plan overall balance, procurement plan, batch delivery of the plan and centralized procurement plan, etc. 
Contract management: procurement contract is compiled based on bid award report, inquiry results, procurement scheme, procurement agreement and procurement plan, etc.; support procurement agreement, standard procurement contract and procurement order, etc.; realize functions of procurement contract model and archive management.
Logistics management: it mainly includes the management function of delivery notice, expediting, manufacturing supervision, quality inspection and acceptance upon delivery, etc. 
Storage management: it mainly includes the management functions of in-warehousing, ex-warehousing, inventory and statistical ledger, etc. 
Settlement management: it mainly includes the management functions of fund plan, procurement contract settlement, ex-warehousing sales and settlement, audit and summary, etc.
Financial management: it mainly includes functions of payable management, payment management, provisional estimate on warehousing, financial processing, vouchers and financial accounting coding, etc. 
Statistical analysis: it mainly includes functions of comprehensive lookup of logistics, storage and settlement, as well as statistical summary, execution analysis and statistical statement, etc. 

Vendor Management System Internal Business Platform

(1)Supplier admission
Support admission management on suppliers, based on which only eligible suppliers in the admission directory are permitted to take park in an enterprise's procurement business. Stages involved in supplier admission includes: online registration and application by the supplier, preliminary review for admission, review for admission (subject to the review standard and archives), service relationship and admission directory management. Function of supplier management system mainly includes: preliminary review for admission, review for admission, service relationship, admission directory, supplier's products, supplier assessment and evaluation, exit as well as supplier's archives and supplier users, etc. 
(2)Management on supplier product
Management on supplier's products refers to establishment and maintenance of supplier's product information base and release of supplier's product information through the "enterprise procurement e-commerce web" homepage. Information of supplier's products includes: ex-work price of supplier's products, supply period, supply means, annual production capacity, production process and picture information, etc. 
(3)Supplier assessment and evaluation
The enterprise implements assessment management on suppliers following the principle of "dynamic assessment and supporting the superior and eliminating the inferior" and executes assessment in combination with daily management and regular assessment. Assessment items on suppliers include: daily management, site inspection, regular quantitative evaluation and compliance review, etc. Suppliers involved in the procurement business may be subject to regular quantitative evaluation from such aspects as "comprehensive strength, quotation behaviors, contract performance and rewards and punishment"; suppliers not involved in procurement may be subject to conformity review. 
(4)Management on supplier relationship
Strategic procurement and win-win results are an important embodiment of the supply chain management principles and also the supreme realm of material procurement, through which enterprises can improve their core competitiveness by cooperation with suppliers with complementary advantages for mutual development. The simple, opposite and unstable relationship between the enterprise and suppliers in the conventional procurement mode can be changed and a strategic partnership sharing risks and benefits together and also mutual development is formed, providing reliable and stable resource channel and fundamentally assuring material quality and safe supply. Based on the materials to be procured and cooperative relationship, suppliers are divided into strategic ones, major ones, key ones and general ones for partnership management. 
(5)Award and exit
Through assessment and evaluation, suppliers will attach much more importance to improving their overall strength, to better performing their responsibilities and obligations under each contract and to mutual develop and progress side by side with the enterprise, which will be favorable for cultivating a group of excellent suppliers and constantly improving the overall quality of suppliers of the enterprise. Suppliers failing to pass the examination and assessment or involving serious problems in daily management may be striped of providing service to the enterprise or named in the black list at any time.