Inspection and Testing Information Management: 400-686-4199 Data Asset Management: 400-643-4668 Supply Chain Management: 400-629-4066

Industry Overview

Standardize and optimize the workflow of sample analysis, comply with ISO/IEC17025, ISO9001 standards, and provide the modern tools needed to meet the requirements. Under the premise of meeting actual needs, the advanced experience of domestic and foreign laboratories could be referred to comprehensively improve the modern management level of laboratories to manage various resources in petrochemical quality testing laboratories, and realize the inspection business process ranging from raw materials for production, auxiliary materials, in-process sampling, semi-finished products, finished products, environmental samples, and utilities. The whole process of inspection can be traced from the inspection task assignment, sampling, receiving, data entry, automatic instrument acquisition, data review, to report release, so that the laboratory management level and work efficiency will reach the international advanced level. Make full use of the statistical control chart and trend analysis function in the system to perform data mining and data analysis on historical production data, and summarize the relationship between operation parameters and product quality. Eliminate the occurrence of non-conforming products, better guide production, and provide complete solutions for the information construction of enterprise's quality management. Adopt information technology to enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises, enhance the refined and intelligent quality management level of enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Large-screen alarms and reminders for quality inspection data can be realized by means of a simple process flow chart of the application system or a summary of the production workshop. For abnormal data systems, alarms can be used in different colors, sounds, and flashes. Quality management personnel can efficiently understand the quality information of all production departments on the large screen. The system supports group deployment. Multiple branches distributed in different places can realize efficient management of inspection and testing services and quality data on the same platform and can efficiently implement the unified requirements of group's quality management, which will facilitate the standardization and normalization of enterprise quality management and lay a solid foundation for construction of quality big data.

  • Inspection standard normalization

    Inspection standard normalization

  • Inspection process automation

    Inspection process automation

  • Reducing input of initial data

    Reducing input of initial data

  • Integration with other information system

    Integration with other information system

  • Unified production quality management control platform

    Unified production quality management control platform

  • Lowering the cost by automation

    Lowering the cost by automation

  • Shortening sample inspection cycle

    Shortening sample inspection cycle

  • Compliance amelioration

    Compliance amelioration