Inspection and Testing Information Management: 400-686-4199 Data Asset Management: 400-643-4668 Supply Chain Management: 400-629-4066
Business background

Manage the various resources of the quality testing laboratory of the non-ferrous metallurgy enterprise, and realize the inspection business process of raw materials for production, auxiliary materials, process samples, metal balance samples, and finished products. Realize the entire process traceable of inspection and quality traceability from inspection entrustment, laboratory reception, sample preparation in the laboratory, task assignment in the laboratory, inspection method change, data result entry, automatic instrument acquisition, data review, sample comparison, result release, report release to quality exchange. The laboratory's management level and work efficiency will reach the international advanced level, while providing timely and accurate quality information for production, strengthening quality management, and conforming to specifications of ISO9001 and ISO17025.

Industry Overview

Effectively manage the inspection cycle of samples during production. The system can automatically generate inspection plans and automatically remind relevant personnel to sample, generate sample labels and sample interchange receipts. The system can automatically complete automatic acquisition of instrumental analysis data, summary files of raw records, judge sample level, generate quality report and transmit to relevant departments, etc., so as to achieve automatic management of the entire business process. Achieve one-click synthesis and automatic archiving of original records - instrument spectrum files - related accessories, to realize efficient management and ensure accurate, timely and efficient inspection data.

The Inspection and Testing Management Platform is a web-based solution that provides different browsers such as Firefox, Google, and IE. It supports multi-language operations and supports mobile applications. It can use mobile phones or PADs to implement query statistics on data and entry of testing results.