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Industry Overview

The disease control system is an important institution to protect the health of the mass with a large number of scientific laboratories which are involved in many fields of medical specialty, and are responsible for the control of infectious diseases, chronic diseases and endemic diseases; responsible for the safety of food, drinking water, occupational and health-related products; undertaking testing on environmental sanitation, radiological health and others. With the wide application of various automated large-scale analytical instruments in disease control systems, a large amount of laboratory information is produced every day. However, due to the traditional monitoring data management mode, a large amount of monitoring data cannot achieve cross-departmental and cross-level information exchange, which reduces management efficiency. Therefore, the traditional information management and analysis modes can no longer meet current needs.

Beijing SunwayWorld Science & Technology Co., Ltd.'s public health laboratory information management system is based on providing timely and accurate testing services for the broad masses of the people, medical institutions at all levels, health supervision and management departments, emergency response, food risk monitoring, and infectious disease monitoring, so as to effectively play the important role of public health in controlling the outbreak of infectious diseases, eliminating food safety accidents, and improving the health of the people. It also takes into account data integration, regional collaboration, and information mining to promote the integration of disease control big data with health big data and medical data to realize the in-depth sharing and application of relevant data across departments, levels, and regions.


  • Improvement of social service capacity

  • Optimization of public health data resource management

  • Enhancement of internal management level