Inspection and Testing Information Management: 400-686-4199 Data Asset Management: 400-643-4668 Supply Chain Management: 400-629-4066
Industry Overview

The medical testing LIMS system can realize the full life circle management of biological samples, and realize the whole process of high-throughput sample sequencing and sample analysis. It can efficiently carry out management and monitoring, realize centralized information management of various experimental platforms in the laboratory, realize the visualization, automation, data management and traceability of each business system control process. The construction of the LIMS can provide timely, accurate, reliable and traceable experimental data, strengthen the monitoring of each inspection process in each process during the experiment, improve experimental management and resource allocation, and maximize the laboratory resources. At the same time, through the construction of the LIMS project, the comprehensive information management of inspection and testing process management can be realized and inspection efficiency can be improved. The LIMS project is an important technical support for realizing quality assurance in laboratories, and is an urgent need to realize the fully transparent digital laboratories and enhance data interaction capability. It is also an important opportunity to improve work efficiency and management level, so as to meet the needs of the continuous development of the laboratory to generate new demands.


By virtue of the lab information management system (LIMS), the system can realize information-based, normalized and comprehensive management of the lab inspection process, improving the quality level and service capacity of labs. It can realize comprehensive and effective management of lab resource elements. Workload of lab personnel can be reduced and the work efficiency can be improved by virtue of automatic acquisition of instrument data, automatic judgment of QC results, automatic issuing of QC reports and automatic flow of processes. It can realize management of the full lifecycle of biological samples, ensuring the uniqueness and traceability of samples. Through integration with other systems, including common analysis systems, report systems, customer service systems, ERP systems, the system can realize integrated management of the whole test process. Through statistical analysis of system data and knowledge sharing, the system can provide bases for supporting decision-making of labs, improving the management level of labs.