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Industry Overview

With the opening of third-party testing markets and the increasing cost of analysts' salaries, medical laboratories are under a more unpredictable environment. In view of this, the laboratories need a new management style that is both flexible and scalable, and that can be applied upon verification—— LIMS is very flexible to serve it.
SunwayWorld is the first company to offer the fully web-based medical laboratory inspection and testing management platform that provides integrated, full-featured solutions for the laboratory by virtue of the long-standing collection of extensive clinical laboratory knowledge and management tools. It integrates LIMS, ELN and SDMS, which not only reduces the risk of system verification failure, but also avoids the inconvenience of untimely data interaction between multiple systems and the synergic integration by multiple vendors.


The Inspection and Testing Management Platform provides users with integrated solutions, and also focuses on bringing sustainable value to the old users in addition to realizing the full coverage of the inspection business. The platform provides the integration and advanced analytics tools to scientifically, efficiently and reasonably use the historical quality data already generated for data analysis and data mining. Moreover, the platform allows users to configure data analysis rather than relying on suppliers, and mine data sources, DIY their own query data.
With the development of smart phones, the Inspection and Testing Management Platform provides mobile solutions, so that users do not need to rely on their computers. As long as they get a smartphone which can access to the Internet, they can access the data produced by the Inspection and Testing Management Platform system directly from a tablet or smartphone.