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Industry Overview

Currently, the pressure to improve the product qualification rate and work efficiency of pharmaceutical enterprises has reached an unprecedented height. With the implementation of extremely complex and standardized laboratory management processes, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are faced with severe tests.

M&As of companies often lead to a variety of unrelated systems. With the strengthening of regulatory supervision, reduction of cost, improvement of compliance requirements, and reduction of resource supply, it is no longer an option but a necessity to be equipped with a comprehensive Inspection and Testing Management Platform to solve those problems.

The users wish that all laboratory information can be easily used to verify the product's specification and measure the effectiveness. The Inspection and Testing Management Platform is able to help users easily access these information when necessary. Through the application of streamlined processes and improved automated procedures, the Inspection and Testing Management Platform provides an integrated platform that includes all core inspection and testing information.

The Inspection and Testing Management Platform is comprehensive, intuitive and easy to use, and can quickly improve efficiency. What's more, it's able to help lab members get their work done quickly and efficiently in the short term.The Inspection and Testing Management Platform allows users' staff focus on scientific research rather than data entry.The Inspection and Testing Management Platform can help users improve the standardization and efficiency in a variety of ways, so as to reduce costs and shorten the time period: simplify audit preparation, reduce data input, integrate information systems, and complete tasks in an automatic way.

  • Improve efficiency

    Production quality control;
    Manual process automation;
    Quick instrument integration;
    Information consolidation system.

  • Reduce cost

    Automation can cut down costs of users;
    Faster market penetration;
    Simplify the approval process.

  • Compliance

    Specifications such as 21 CFR Part11, ISO 17025 and GxP for user lab are supported. The comprehensive review and traceability module function ensure compliance of users without additional work.