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Industry Overview

Compared with the world's advanced level, China's automotive electronics industry is large but not strong. The gaps in independent innovation capability, resource utilization efficiency, industrial structure level, informatization level, quality and efficiency are obvious, therefore achieving transformation, upgrading and leaping development are urgent and hard. The Made in China 2025 issued by the State Council is the action plan for China to implement the first-decade strategy of building a manufacturing power. Premier Li Keqiang said at the Davos Forum that: "To make Made in China develop towards an intelligent direction, we must rely on the Internet, cloud computing and big data." At present, most of China's manufacturing enterprises have implemented multiple informatization systems, including PLM system for R&D, MES system for production, ERP system mainly for materials and inventory management and office automation OA system, and overall informatization trend has gradually been formed. However, from the perspective of applying advanced information technology to improve product quality and sustainable competitiveness, there are still obvious problems of lack of quality management during the process of enterprises informatization. The current level fails to meet the total quality management concept ranging from design and development, production control to deviation finding and continuous correction of quality management. Each system plays its role in the field of automation, but the information and data are independent, and the data center of the whole company at the quality management level fails to be constructed, and fails to conform to the development trend of strengthening country through quality and technologies.

  • QC, QA and IATF16949 enable one-stop quality management

    QMS system and LIMS system are basic informatization information of quality management. LIMS system can be used for capturing and managing QC related data. Sound and a large quantity of QC data are necessary for detailed QA management and persistent quality improvement. Construction of QMS system and LIMS system can ensure users realize all-round quality management of QC, QA and R&D on one platform, providing sufficient data support for quality improvement. 
    SunwayWorld's QMS system conforms to the quality management specifications of IATF16949:2016, can realize QA management in accordance with requirements of relevant specifications. Except for the above function modules, other functions are about capture and management of various information, including 6S, 8D, alteration, deviation, OOS investigation, rejection, complaint, recall, internal audit, regular product review, etc. Systematization of quality management can be realized by the linkage of flexible and diversified approval procedures and corresponding corrective and preventative actions (CAPA). 
    The system platform supports eight difference judgment criteria statistics model (i.e. monitoring the real-time change of measurement data). The platform is equipped with the mean range control diagram required by SPC and other algorithms, can automatically calculate the standard deviation and can generate process performance/capacity indexes such as Ppk, Cpk, etc. 

  • Unified knowledge library based on the platform

    It is an era of accumulating and occupying data. An enterprise without a large quantity of data as its support will not have the right of speech in the industry. And data will not be useful if information data are not integrated. When constructing the QMS system and the LIMS system platforms, they should integrate with other systems via interfaces.