Inspection and Testing Information Management: 400-686-4199 Data Asset Management: 400-643-4668 Supply Chain Management: 400-629-4066

Industry Overview

Tobacco company's quality inspection management system platform includes three types of business systems, namely the Public Information Management Module, the Laboratory Information Management Subsystem (LIMS) and the Cigarette Identification Management Subsystem (CIMS). The project shall be in line with the principles of unified planning, unified development, unified implementation, and unified operation and maintenance. The industry shall uniformly apply the quality inspection information management system platform for use by various quality inspection organizations. At the same time, it shares the information with the quality management system of the tobacco company through system integration, while the quality management system of tobacco companies are applied by inspection agencies at all levels throughout the industry gradually.


  • Compliance amelioration

  • Analysis cost reduction based on automation 

  • Inspection cycle shortening

  • Improve work efficiency