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Industry Overview

With the rapid development of science and technology, the modern automobile industry is changing with each passing day. New technologies, new materials and new technologies are widely used. Especially, electronic technology and hydraulic technology are applied in automobiles, making automobiles a great success integrating various advanced technologies. As a result, novel and chic cars begin to emerge. With the rapid advancement of automobile technology, car owners have always imposed strict requirements on car safety; especially with the frequent occurrence of traffic accidents in recent years, the development of the car inspection and maintenance market has been continuously promoted. With the modernization of automotive technology and equipment and the increasing number of vehicles, the state and governments at all levels have placed higher demands on vehicle inspection technology and equipment.
The automotive industry has been gradually developed from zero to one, from trivial to whopper, from importing technologies and testing equipment to independent R&D, promotion and application. Great progress has been made from single performance testing to comprehensive inspection. Domestic automobile testing industry should positively be affirmed while deficiencies thereof is subject to be recognized, and therefore the development direction is seen to improve in terms of the standard of automobile inspection technology, the informatization of testing equipment, the intelligence of testing equipment and the specialization of the testing personnel.
China high-speed railway technology has developed rapidly and has successfully possessed the world's advanced high-speed railway integration technology, construction technology, equipment manufacturing technology and operation management technology. With exporting quality as whopper transmission capacity, high speed, good safety, high on-schedule rate, comfort and convenience and energy efficient, China’s high-speed railway can face challenges of any competitor. Various excellent indicators also explain that the vehicle inspection and testing technologies are instructional supervision and management tool to promote the rapid development of vehicles in a standardized and safe environment.
In such an increasingly competitive environment, how to enhance core competitiveness and create the unique "testing culture" through business development, management innovation, technology R&D, capacity building and other measures, to accumulate advantages into unstoppable momentum strategically, to opt for righteous channels tactically, to maintain and improve market share, to consolidate service concept, to improve management level for righteous and scientific service to governments, industries and enterprises should be within consideration of various testing organizations. 

Product Functions

Taking promoting healthy and sustainable development of China's automobile industry as our mission, we make efforts to build ourselves into a world first-class creative and influential supplier of informatization construction of the automobile inspection industry. We take serving development of the industry as our fundamental goal, strive to help customers realize management innovation and organizational structure optimization, explore new breakthrough points and the reform direction, attach importance to improvement of our capacities, insist on the concepts of fair competition, honesty and trustworthiness and normative services, practically assume social responsibilities and provide a convenient, excellent and efficient service platform for improvement of the overall informatization technology level of the industry. 
China's automobile testing projects include five categories: 
Safety testing (brake, sideslip, steering, headlamps, etc.)
Reliability testing (foreign sound, abrasion, deformation, fission, etc.) 
Dynamic testing (vehicle speed capability, acceleration capability, power, torque, etc.)
Economy testing (mainly referring to fuel consumption) 
Noise and waste gas emission testing
To promote customer services, customer relationship management, inspection and testing management, research and development project management, research and development process management, quality control and quality assurance, automatic data capture and intelligent analysis of customers in the vehicle industry (independent R & D, third-party testing, etc.), SunwayWorld provides comprehensive integrated solutions. The technical architecture of the integrated management platform includes three levels: data resource level, platform structure level, business realization level.