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Industry Overview

The Laboratory Information Management System in the scientific research laboratories optimizes management and control of scientific research processes in the most economical and efficient way. It's able to realize omni management of scientific research projects, traceable scientific research process and searchable research results. The Laboratory Information Management System will carry out fine management on scientific formulas, promote enterprises to reduce research costs, enhance revenues, and continuously improve the management level of scientific research processes.

  • Outcome

    Realize normative, scientific and informatization management of scientific research projects by establishing a set of scientific research information management system integrated with scientific research plan management, contract management, project establishment management, project progress management, achievement management, scientific research material management, research and development solution design, research and development test records, testing process analysis, etc. Strengthen monitoring in many terms including progress control, execution dispatching, material control and cost control to improve scientific research and project management.

  • Outcome

    Strengthen management of the research and development process to realize all-round and detailed management of links such as formula design of the research and development process, production process optimization, test analysis, new product appraisal, trial production, formula adjustment, etc. Establish normative and efficient research and development management model, improve the management level of the research and development process so as to improve the development speed of new products, maintain the good development trend of research institutions and strengthen core competitiveness.

  • Outcome

    Realize all-round, modern and electronic management of research and development department and experimental department by virtue of the modern management tool - scientific research lab information management system. Help scientific research institutions carry out unified management of scientific research planning and plan, project establishment and management, project achievements, contracts and infrastructure construction, realizing informatization of the management process of scientific research projects, informatization of the inspection workflow of labs and informatization of resource management and reaching the objective of specifying scientific research project management and improving working efficiency.