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Beijing SunwayWorld's data standardization platform can provide services for the provincial economic and information commission. In recent years, the provincial party committee and the provincial government of a province decided to strengthen the comprehensive work of enterprise situation in order to comprehensively, dynamically and accurately understand and master the situation of enterprise registration and production management in the province, and built the comprehensive data platform of enterprise situation based on the provincial e-government infrastructure. After the completion of the platform, it can collect enterprise data from various channels accurately, efficiently and reliably to form a data resource pool. Under the guidance of data analysis model and indicator system, information services are provided to government departments and the public through data collection, summary and display. This project is an important component of the platform, which plays a fundamental role.

Industry Overview

Based on the management concept of "big data", the project establishes a provincial comprehensive master database of enterprise situation, collects data from government departments, enterprises, industry organizations, consulting and research institutions, news media and Internet, and sorts out and forms a provincial comprehensive business-related database of enterprise situation with rich contents, detailed data and standardized formats. Through the construction of enterprise data exchange service platform, it provides data application services for Internet data mining project, large data analysis tool project, data visualization display project, comprehensive white paper project of enterprise situation and other systems, and provides supports for fully reflecting the development of micro-enterprises, middle-sized industries and macro-economy. 

Product Characteristics