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Industry Overview

SunwayWorld Master Data Management Platform conducts information standardization and master data construction in the mechanical manufacturing industry around key aspects of product design, process flow, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. The three-dimensional world deeply understands the demand for information standardization in the machinery manufacturing industry. For the complex manufacturing BOM, the need to trace the design version, batch parts and other requirements, provide relevant traceability and audit mechanism, propose corresponding industry solutions, help the machinery Enterprise deployment in the manufacturing industry and integration of a strategic master data management system. Through the master data management system to achieve integration with existing application systems, and the ability to integrate with future information systems, complete multi-system data integration, process integration, achieve data sharing, eliminate information silos, and achieve standardization of master data, Improve the return on investment of enterprise information, improve the utilization of data assets, and achieve the strategic goal of comprehensively enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

  • Implementation classification

    The implemented master data include material classification and material master data, self-made part and product master data, host master data, supplier master data, client master data and other relevant master data. 

  • business systems

    The integrated relevant business systems are ERP, PLM, PDM, e-commerce and CRM, etc.

  • Key accounts

    Key accounts includeShaanxi Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd, TBEA Co.,Ltd., Jiangsu Muyang Group, Northwest Industrial Group and China First Heavy Industries, etc.