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SunwayWorld carries out information standardization and master data construction of aerospace industry focusing on key indexes such as financial management system, human resource management system, security sensor system, comprehensive risk management system, collaborative office system, document file system, survey data acquisition system in engineering informatization, CORS data monitoring system, BIM based 3D design, etc. 

Industry Overview

A complete master data standardization system is planned for Aerospace Construction Group through the project consultation and planning, including unified master data standards, complete master data management organization from headquarters to subordinate units, as well as strict and effective management systems and management processes, etc. The master data for standardization include six categories: organizations, personnel, customers, suppliers, projects, materials. Aerospace Construction Group is under the Group Head Office. The master data standard shall comply with the Group Head Office standards, and meet the business needs of the main construction industry. This is mainly reflected in the master data of materials, which are mainly electronic components and electromechanical products in Group Head Office, while the materials in Aerospace Construction Group are mainly various building materials used in the construction process. By referring to the reference data of the same industry and transferring the professional backbone of the subordinate enterprises for discussion, the master data standard of materials in Aerospace Construction Group was finally formulated, including 23 categories, 171 mid-categories and 1,391 sub-categories, and each sub-category formulated the corresponding description template.