Inspection and Testing Information Management: 400-686-4199 Data Asset Management: 400-643-4668 Supply Chain Management: 400-629-4066

Industry overview

In order to strengthen the operation and management, improve the efficiency and control the cost effectively for the transportation company, the transportation company realized from the strategic level that only by establishing unified data standards, establishing a shared database which faces the business theme, implementing the integration of information resources can the problems of the inconsistency of data source, the incorrectness of data definition and the not in time of data be solved effectively, thus providing basic guarantees for the data statistical analysis and strong supports for the strategic decision-making of the enterprise.

  • System planning

    Complete the design of the company's master data management system and the three-year overall planning of, establish and improve the data management system, set up the data management platform, implement data governance, improve data quality, strengthen the management and control capability, and realize the whole group's data standard, standardization and unification through the implementation of the master data management system project. Contractors should refer industry's best practice, take data management of first-class business owners as benchmarking, combine the deployment of the strategic planning of company informatization and apply the master data recognition methodology: 'multi-factor analysis method' to identify the company's master data, and plans 8 categories of 42 master data.

  • Data management platform

    realize the solidification of the corporate master data standards, manage master data by ways such as on-line application, review, release, distribution and change, and improve data management efficiency; realize functions such as master data encoding rule definition, validation rule definition, management process definition, master data integration, master data quality monitoring. The data scope of the company's master data project covers human capital, finance, merchant, material, engineering project, highway and auxiliary facilities, document and foundation.

  • Master data integration interface

    the master data management platform will become part of the overall IT core infrastructure after its completion. It is the data entry standard included in the management scope. It is able to support the multi-source generation of master data and unified verification and coding. Afterwards, the data sharing and integration with related business systems are completed through data reception and distribution. The main scope of integration include: human resource management, family planning OA cooperative office system, early warning of corruption, internal audit, party affairs management, comprehensive platform for financial sharing, business decision analysis, road administration and maintenance platform, monitoring electronic file management system and fixed assets management platform.