Inspection and Testing Information Management: 400-686-4199 Data Asset Management: 400-643-4668 Supply Chain Management: 400-629-4066

Modern inspection and testing activities are carried out on the products by technical institutions following relevant standards entrusted by the parties involved in the commodity exchange for needs and interests or quality appraisal. Cloud-based Sharing E-Lab service model based on Internet concept is an important way to speed up the construction of modern market system for inspection, testing and certification, and to innovate service innovation. It is also conducive to accelerate the transformation and reform of government functions and carry out integrated reform of inspection, testing and certification institutions. In addition, it can promote the capacity building, transformation and upgrading of inspection, testing and certification institutions to provide customers with more accurate, convenient and faster inspection services.

By constructing a new mode of Internet + inspection and testing services, a self-organized comprehensive service platform integrating tailor-made inspection and testing services, supply and demand docking, and seamless connection between online and offline is established, so that both parties can quickly and conveniently complete transactions on the platform; at the same time, by using big data, cloud computing, Internet of things, virtual instruments and other Internet derivatives, the inspection and testing technology could be innovated, and a new inspection and detection mode will be created in order to optimize resource allocation and save inspection costs; the application of platforms and innovative technologies to support the establishment of the platform and the ecosystem of users and partners with multiple entities for mutual benefit and win-win can ultimately achieve the sustainable development of modern inspection and testing service models.

Functions and services

PC terminal is based on Spring MVC+MyBatis technology architecture and VUE front-end technology; mobile app (Andorid and IOS) is a realization of cross-platform development technology based on the MUI front-end framework and HTML5 + extension. The services are deployed on Alibaba Cloud servers to provide users with stable and secure access environment.
(1)Sharing platform: method/execution/product standard, original record template and report template; enable fast implement of your laboratory management.
(2)E-Lab: it includes decisive processes and data, which can be counted and utilized; 
(3)ELN: lightweight electronic original records, automatic filling of original records and automatic report generation;
(4)Collaboration platform of laboratory: online selection of testing institution of customers, subcontracting enquiry of testing institution, online settlement of subcontracting costs and online transmission of subcontracting results; 
(5)Customer relationship management (CRM): enjoy customer data alone and ensure the privacy; share the customer management business knowledge; 
(6)Customer services system CSS: independent access to testing institutions; with the authorization of testing institutions, the sender can get access to the testing results of multiple testing institutions.